Monday, July 6, 2015

Boeing’s 2015 commercial aircraft prices rise 2.9%

Boeing has increased the average list prices of its commercial airliners a collective 2.9%, according to new figures released by the US manufacturer.

The aircraft behind Boeing’s 2014’s largest commercial aircraft order—the 777-9X—rose in price from $388.7 million in 2014 to $400 million in 2015. It is Boeing’s costliest commercial aircraft. In July 2014, Dubai-based Emirates Airline ordered 115 of the type.

Looking at another major order placed at 2014 list prices, the 737 MAX 8 increased from $106.9 million in 2014 to $110 million in 2015. Last November, Irish lessor SMBC Aviation Capital placed an order for 80 of the single-aisle 162-passenger aircraft.

New to Boeing’s 2015 price list is the 737 MAX 200, the recently introduced higher-density 200-passenger version of the 737 MAX 8. In November 2014, Ryanair ordered 100 of the type, which sells for $112.9 million at 2015 average list prices.

Boeing’s manufacturing rival Airbus released its 2015 average list prices in January, revealing an overall 3.3% hike in prices for Airbus’ commercial aircraft.

For a full comparison of both manufacturers’ current average list prices, see ATW’s data table Airbus and Boeing Average List Prices 2015.

(Mark Nensel - ATWOnline News)

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