Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Gulfstream G280 gets performance boost

Gulfstream has boosted the performance of its G280 by installing a new software upgrade in the super-midsize business jet’s Rockwell Collins PlaneView280 avionics suite.

The result is a reduction in the G280's approach speed of up to 9kt (17km/h), leading to a fall in the aircraft’s landing distance of 82m (270ft). The G280 can now land within 725m, which opens up a greater number of airports to the 10-passenger twinjet.
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(Gulfstream Aerospace)
The software upgrade has also improved the flight management system. Time and fuel predictions, optimum and maximum altitude and best rate-of-climb speed are now more accurate, says Gulfstream, while long-range cruise, maximum cruise and maximum endurance cruise speeds can now be calculated automatically.
The upgrade is fitted as standard on new $24.5 million G280s and is available free-of-charge for current owners at Gulfstream's service centres in Savannah and Dallas in the US and at London Luton Airport in the UK.
(Kate Sarsfield - Flightglobal News)

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